10 Baby Items Not Worth the Hype

Caitlin Houston
4 min readJan 19, 2023

In the last six months I’ve made a list of baby items so not worth the hype — here are 10 products for babies to leave off your registry!

After having three children in the last eight years, I have tried my share of different products for babies. There are always new baby items on the market promising to make motherhood easier. Through trial and error, as well as many conversations with fellow Mamas, I know some baby items are not worth my time.

*Note: I have nothing against any of these baby brands or baby items — I know many people who love to use the products for their own children. They just don’t work for our family!*

Baby Items Not Worth the Hype

Halo Bassinest: I borrowed the Halo Bassinest from my sister as she highly recommended it for the first few months after baby is born. Arbor did NOT like the bassinest very much. We quickly discovered after transitioning her to the crib that she preferred the space over feeling snuggled.

Baby Socks + Newborn Shoes: Baby feet are SO tiny that it is difficult to keep a sock or shoe on tight. The only shoes Arbor could wear as a newborn were these with a snap closure.

Bottle Warmer: You know what works just as well as a bottle warmer? Boiling hot water in a tea kettle and pouring it into an oversized coffee mug. That’s how we warm our bottles and it is so easy!

Baby Apps: Save the storage space on your phone for baby pictures. Use the Notes app to record anything you want to know about your baby (eat, sleep, diapers, etc). I also enjoy a paper and pen at my bedside during the first few weeks at home with baby.

Expensive Crib Sheets: Don’t get me wrong, I will invest in soft hypoallergenic crib sheets for my baby’s sensitive skin. However, I will not spend a ton of money on a crib sheet that my baby is bound to spit up, drool, or poop on.

More Overrated Baby Products We Don’t Use

Want to know 5 more unnecessary baby items? Here ya go…

Baby with stuffed bunny
Baby with stuffed bunny

Baby Gowns: I will never understand the purpose of a baby gown. Their little legs and feet are always so cold in a baby gown unless they’re swaddled (and even then things get tangled).

Amber Teething Necklace: It doesn’t work. Period.

Bumbo: None of my babies have ever fit in it due to either long legs or thick thighs (haha). I made the mistake of registering for one with Arbor and she has been too big for it since before she could sit up.

Boppy: I find regular pillows are just as useful for nursing support.

Sophie the Giraffe: She is cute but overpriced. There are so many less expensive teething toys out there (like frozen washcloths).

Want to see what we actually registered for and LOVE for our babies? Check out this post.

10 Baby Items Not Worth the Hype
10 Baby Items Not Worth the Hype

According to my friends on social media, there are a few other baby items not worth the hype. The Mamaroo, Dock-a-Tot, and Snoo are at the top of the “Don’t waste your money on these baby items” list. Personally, we used the Dock-a-Tot so much more for Annabelle and Ailey than we did with Arbor. She preferred the Snuggle Me Lounger we borrowed from my sister (until she started rolling around). All of these items are pricey — so if you really want one but are on the fence, try to borrow one from a friend instead.

Another item many parents find overrated is the wipe warmer. However, we LOVE the wipe warmer, especially since we have a baby who loves to poop in the middle of the night. It’s all about preference of course.

If you’re looking for a list of baby items we actually use and love, check out Arbor’s monthly updates.

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