How to Rid Your Life of Toxicity

Caitlin Houston
5 min readJan 19, 2023

How do you move forward after a toxic relationship? Or perhaps the better question is, how do you escape from a relationship that makes you feel worse than better over time? Today I’m sharing 8 Ways to Rid Your Life of Toxicity.

7 Ways to Rid Your Life of Toxicity
7 Ways to Rid Your Life of Toxicity

Living Your Best Life Starts With This

Part of my job as a Mom is to be a good example for my children. Some may say I babble in too much detail to the girls, but I am a firm believer in admitting mistakes and explaining big decisions. I also want my girls to know how important it is to lead with reason over emotion. So, when I made a BIG decision to leave my part time job, a job I truly loved, my girls understood my why. No one should stay in a toxic environment if they can find a way out.

Studies show toxic relationships or situations can have a direct effect on your mental and physical health. Stress can increase just about every health issue such as brain, thyroid, immune, and weight problems. Even more specifically, the Whitehall II study, a landmark body of research that followed more than 10,000 people for over 12 years, confirmed that the link between toxic relationships, stress, and health is real (source).

Looking for more ways to reduce stress in your life? Here are ways to prioritize your mental health.

Negative Energy from Toxic People and Situations

Did you know negativity can drain you of joy and zest for life? Depression and anxiety creeps in more easily when your happiness levels are down. And as an added bonus — since the cynicism and hopelessness of others is contagious — you may accidentally become toxic to other people without even trying.

Ever since I was in high school, I have knowingly stayed in toxic situations for fear of losing something or someone. No one ever explained to me how easy it is to be blindsided by the pernicious influences of others. Doesn’t everyone want to see the good in a situation? Unfortunately, it’s take a few big events in my life over the last few years to change my ways.

My optimism in toxic relationships result in so much stress and emotional turmoil. I’ve shed too many tears over situations I wish I just walked away from before things became toxic. Moving forward, I plan to rid my life of toxicity before it can consume me.

How to Rid Your Life of Toxicity

If you are questioning your current role in a toxic situation or relationship, take this post as a sign it’s time to take action. RUN AWAY and break the ties to the things that are bringing you down. Here are 8 ways to get rid of toxicity in your life.

  1. Start by letting go of yesterday’s troubles and focus on today.
  2. Forgive, but don’t forget. It’s important to move on with your life, but remembering toxic relationships will prevent you from getting involved in another in the future.
  3. Listen to your gut feelings. When something doesn’t sit right with you in your heart, if it feels weird or off, pull away from the source.
  4. Empower yourself to BE BETTER. How much time did you spend being toxic yourself — complaining about the person or situation?
  5. Get rid of the negativity from inside out. Anger and resentment are terrible emotions to harbor — both of these strong feelings can be dangerous to your health and well-being.
  6. Come to terms with letting go of what you can’t control in the universe. We are all more powerless than we think when it comes to changing people and fate.
  7. Eliminate toxic people in your life by putting distance between you and them. Set hard boundaries. Spend more time with positive people.
  8. Toxicity is contagious — so be the positivity you want to attract.

We only live one life — so live it right. Make your time here on Earth the best it can be. Eliminate anything that doesn’t bring you happiness — and seek joy! You deserve to be happy.
The best way to live your life is to cherish it, right?

5 Toxic Things to Remove From Your Life

  1. Jealousy
  2. Clutter
  3. Comparisons
  4. Always saying “Yes”
  5. Long hours on social media

I’m thankful my hours in therapy and self-help research are teaching me ways to rid my life of toxicity. I hope these tips can help you too! Rid yourself of toxic people, toxic relationships, and negativity in your life today. Touch on what you need to be happy and let JOY lead the way.

Looking for a printable reminder? Click here to download and print!

8 ways to get rid of toxicity in your life
8 ways to get rid of toxicity in your life
8 ways to get rid of toxicity and toxic people in your life
8 ways to get rid of toxicity and toxic people in your life

Note: I found this article very enlightening and helpful for understanding toxic relationships and toxic people.

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